You gotta hand it to her…

…Amy Schumer’s got balls! She singlehandedly managed to scare the SW community into the wallpaper, Disney’s outraged and Mark Hamill is crying. For those who have been living under a rock for the past few days: Amy’s featured in the August edition of GQ [Gentleman’s Quarterly] [Click pictures for highres version]

Of course, all of this had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that her new movie “Trainwreck” [IMDb] opened this weekend… nice going Amy! Bad publicity after all, still is… publicity. Yes, it worked: the hype got me hurrying over to Youtube and check out the Trainwreck trailer. C’mon, admit it: the movie isn’t half bad.

Now, me being a good Jedi, I can understand why Amy’s really not into SW, she has a right to dig Twilight. So, all of you upset SW nerds, stop being a wuss about it and get over it. All you have to is NOT go see her movie if that’ll make you feel better. Look at the bright side: TFA is only 150 days away…

Besides, if you’re going to try and convince me you haven’t been sneaking around, looking for Amy’s pictures… liar, liar, pants on fire!

And another thing: she doesn’t look half bad in princess Leia’s bikini top now does she?


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