FACTS 2015 Final Update

The TFA Project team is proud to present the winner of the 1st Annual FACTS Most Photogenic Cosplayer or MPC Award! [Sounds kinda cool doesn’t it?] And the winner is: Joël Van Eynde. 3 TFA cheers for Joël! TFA! TFA! TFA! [Click picture for highres version]


TFA: best SW movie yet?

Source: [FlickeringMyth] [63% of the fans polled [myself included] think it will be the best movie of the franchise, with 36% saying the “advanced CGI” will be a benefit, 25% citing “a more interesting story” and another 25% saying TFA will be “more true to Star Wars” (presumably compared to the prequel trilogy). 15% say it will be better because of director J.J. Abrams while 14% think the cast is better than previous movies.

One of the more shocking stats to come from the survey however is that 7% of those polled would trip over an elderly person to get TFA merchandise in the event of it being sold out, while 5% would fake a panic attack.]

FACTS 2015 Update II


Well, here are a bunch of pictures to give you a feel of what FACTS, SW style, was all about. There were hundreds of shop stands with thousands of SW [and other] items: from old to new ones, from real to fake. A warm “thank you!” to the Belgian, French, German and UK SW cosplay people! You guys look awesome! Who knows, maybe next year we’ll take it up ourselves… Enjoy! And don’t forget: [Click pictures for highres version]