You can put your legs where?

I did a search for Chloe Bruce [ChloeBruceOfficialWebsite], Daisy Ridley’s stunt double. I had no idea legs can be swung in so many different directions. [See below]. She’s AMAZING at handling a “staff” and has been teaching Ridley how. If Daisy Ridley will be wielding that staff of hers like Chloe Bruce does, we will be in for a spectacle!

Talking about that staff. It’s fair to assume that from what we’ve seen in the trailers and many pictures, it’s a one “bladed” lightsaber pike. I did some Photoshop-Fu on a great action stance picture of Rey and came up with this. [Click pictures for highres version].

In “STAR WARS, Visual Guide to Lightsabers” you will find all different types of sabers, including the lightsaber pike. [Click pictures for highres version].


One thought on “You can put your legs where?

  1. They have set rey up prefectly to have a blue dual saber pike. With the broken kiber Crystal at the end of the last jedi and her bo staff skills, she has all the ingredients for it.


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