Sky Movies [TV] and Star Wars

[SkyMoviesTwitter] [] Source: [EnGadget] [Sky knows that more and more UK families are shying away from building costly DVD and Blu-ray collections and embracing on-demand services like Sky Movies and Now TV. To be the best, you need the best streaming catalog though, which is why the company is extending its current deal with Disney. The new multi-year agreement means that Disney flicks will continue to premiere on Sky Movies and Now TV’s Sky Movies Pass in the “first pay TV window” — before streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, in other words. It’ll cover family-favourite Inside Out and, perhaps more importantly, the next instalment in the Star Wars franchise. So once the lightsaber mayhem has left UK cinemas, that means Sky will be one of the first places to let you watch it all again at home. We suspect most fans will make an exception and buy a physical copy of The Force Awakens, but if you’re a parent or a casual movie fan, it’s good to know Sky’s got you covered.]


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