UPDATE: [What!? Ewoks in TFA?]

Back in September 2015 I posted this: “According to the TFA cast list [TFA-IMDb], Christopher Ang [IMDb], is a “green Ewok”.” Today, I got a response from Christopher  himself Thanks for the feedback Chris! Take care.

[This one has been quite a mystery for me and my agent. We were undoubtedly surprised by this and had a good laugh about it. I honestly couldn’t even speculate how it wound up on there. Everyone knows by now as I had stated publicly and in my interview with Hartley Holmberg on his web series “The Hartley Show”  that I did not work on The Force Awakens and most definitely did not play a Green Ewok.

That being said I have worked on shows involving some current and past names who have worked on or are currently working with the Star Wars franchise, however, I have not had the privilege of working on anything Star Wars and I would welcome any opportunity to do so in the future. Hope this helps to clarify the confusion out there!

Chris Ang]



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