Star Wars IX News

Source: SlashFilmWebsite “Collin Trevorrow‘s [IMDb] Star Wars: Episode 9 will be shot with 65mm film cameras, a move away from the 35mm film format that JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson used on the previous two installments. The result will probably be a higher resolution image that shows more detail, making it more suitable for projection on larger screens like IMAX.” Collin seen below with Chris Pratt on the Jurassic World set. Click to enlarge.sw9

What Is 65mm? How Is It Different From 35mm?

For those of you wondering what the difference between 35mm film and 65mm film, here is a quick primer: 35 mm film is the film gauge most commonly used outside of digital. The name of the gauge refers to the width of the photographic film, which consists of strips 35 millimeters (or about 1 3/8 inches) in diameter. 65mm film is a wide high-resolution film gauge. The film is 65 mm (or about 2.6 inches) wide.sw10IMAX cameras use a specific type of 70mm film, which is essentially the same as 65mm but shot horizontally offering a larger aspect ratio. With Episode IX being shot on 65mm film, we can expect to see a much better resolution in large screen formats like IMAX. Disney has a deal with IMAX, which makes me wonder if Trevorrow will be framing in 65mm film to offer a larger aspect ratio for IMAX theaters. That much probably won’t be confirmed until much later.

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