What we didn’t get to see…

Disney threw loads of trailers and TV spots our way but a lot of it didn’t make it to the big screen. Which is a shame really, those are some very cool scenes we missed…

  1. “This is a rebellion right isn’t it? I rebel…”75
  2. The U-Wing flying over the Jedi rock.76
  3. “I won’t kill you…”67
  4. Running over the beach with the plans. Probably because of the re shoots.63
  5. Tie-Fighter coming in over the coms tower.61
  6. Running with the plans inside the London metro station.64
  7. Stormtroopers patrolling in shallow water.66
  8. Rebellions discussing the Death Star over its hologram.62
  9. Rebel pilots in Jedha.65
  10. Taking out Stormtroopers at the data vault building on Scarif.7778

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