Where was Wedge?

Source: GizmodoWebsite “Be honest. While watching Rogue One, you were really pulling for Wedge to show up during the Battle of Scarif. We all were. Red and Gold Leaders were there, so why not Wedge? Well, there’s a very good reason for it, one most of us likely didn’t think of. Which is why we don’t work on the Lucasfilm Story Group and they do. Over on Twitter, story group member Pablo Hidalgo explained that Wedge couldn’t have been at Scarif because he’s never seen the Death Star before A New Hope…”wedge


SWVIII Recap #1 “About SW-VIII, Ahch-To & Ceann Sibéal”

Luke has lived the past 25 odd years as a recluse on the planet of Ahch-To, spending his days on a small island feeling sorry for himself and eating grass and fish in his little beehive mansion. OK, so far the story on Luke’s hideout. Back on Earth, 2016, beehives have been resurected on the Pinewood grounds and on the island of Ceann Sibéal, Ireland. The island is being used as a replacement base for Michael Skellig.