Tut Ankh Vader

Source: NYTimes “To celebrate 40 years of darkness, the galaxy’s favorite villain has taken on a much shinier disposition. For less than the cost of a trip to Tatooine, one lucky Star Wars fan will soon be able to own a solid gold Darth Vader mask — perfect for bartering, though perhaps not so good for heavy breathing. On Tuesday, the Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka unveiled the imposing headgear and announced that it would go on sale at the company’s flagship store in Tokyo on May the fourth (do we need to spell this out for you?) to celebrate Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary. The price? A mere 154 million Japanese yen, or about $1.4 million. Tax included!” Click to enlarge.


The coffee table you were looking 4!

Source: RegalRobot “Regal Robot debuts at Star Wars Celebration Orlando! Regal Robot made our big debut at Star Wars Celebration Orlando last week.  Our booth featured a number of our official Star Wars™ furniture and decor products, and we met thousands of wonderful fans at the show.” Check out the “Sarlacc Pit” & the “Wampa Ice Cave” Coffee Table, the “Carbonite” Desk and much more… Click to enlarge.

Star Wars Origami Contest

At the latest FACTS Comic Con (Official Website) in Ghent-Belgium last month, I entered this origami contest. The brief said you were to make an origami Tie Fighter and win a lifesize Death Trooper. Or one of 5 ROGUE ONE Bluray Steel boxes. Well, I didn’t win the Trooper but I did manage to secure myself one of those DVD steel boxes. And it arrived today! Yeah! Click to enlarge.

Splash Wars

Source: InterviewPhoblographer: ““I’m a geek passionate for films and comics.” says Manu Cabanero in his email to the Phoblographer about his latest and greatest photo project called Splash Wars. Inspired by the work of Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, Manu is a self-taught portrait photographer based in Barcelona.” While exploring Behance, I found his profile and the work he was doing way back in September. But Manu told me of a bigger project he was working on. So far, he’s only done with part one of Splash Wars, and there is much more to come. Click to enlarge.

Inspiration for Splash Wars was found in Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz‘s work. Check out his Aurum Light website and his Bamboo Forest shoot. Click to enlarge.