Episode IX Director

Source: EpicstreamWebsite “While Star Wars fans are expecting The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson to take viewers down a darker chapter in the sequel trilogy, Star Wars: Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow [IMDb] promises to give the third batch of Star Wars saga films an “emotionally resonant” end.” “Trevorrow really must have his work cut out for him – not only does he have to remain in the confines of the Lucasfilm system and follow after the story set up by Abrams and Johnson, but he also has to deliver a powerful end to the trilogy. You cannot end with a mediocre movie. It’s good that Trevorrow is a true Star Wars fan. Let’s wait and see where the Jurassic World director takes us after The Last Jedi.” Trevorrow is currently filming Jurassic World II which, by the way, he says will be so much better than part I. Click to enlarge.

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