Sideshow’s Online Comic-Con

Source: SideshowCollectibles “Sideshow’s Online Comic-Con is fast approaching, and we have plenty of exciting news for collectors looking to celebrate the summer convention season. If you’ve never experienced it before, Online Comic-Con brings the fun to you for the month of July- because why should Comic-Con be limited to just five days? The best part is that there are no lines, no badges, no crowds- just you and all the awesome collectibles Sideshow has to offer! The event begins on July 1st, and will be full of plenty of action and activities for you wherever you are. For fans of the Sideshow Art Print program, we will have several new Premium Art Prints available for Pre-Order during the online event. Sideshow has had the privilege to work with many incredible artists to produce these pieces, so take a look at what will be Pre-Ordering during Online Comic-Con!” One of the prints pictures Rey. Click to enlarge.


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