Force Tomorrow!

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That’s a wrap!

Source: TheRealRonHoward Looks like Ron is proud of Dony’s performance.


How many?

Source: RianJohnsonTwitter So, how many transition wipes do you think the SW movies have? According to Rian, TLJ will only have a measly 12… EP I has a whopping 55! Below the EP IV wipes.


Find the Force!

Source: StarWarsOfficialWebsite “Following the global phenomenon of Force Friday in 2015, Disney and Lucasfilm today announced Find the Force, a global augmented reality (AR) event rolling out on Force Friday II (September 1) to commemorate the worldwide launch of new products inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The pop-up AR treasure hunt aims to unite fans around the world in the battle against the dark side in a unique three-day event at over 20,000 retail locations across 30 countries. As fans turn up to take home new The Last Jedi products, they will have the opportunity to activate a unique AR experience featuring Star Wars characters, including fan-favorites and new surprise additions from the film.”

“To celebrate Force Friday II, fans can reveal new and favorite characters from Star Wars: The Last Jedi in augmented reality, and help the Resistance find information about key personnel:

  1. Download the Star Wars app (for iPhone® and Android™) and launch the “Find The Force” feature.
  2. Starting September 1, look for Star Wars graphics with the “Find The Force” logo at participating retail locations and websites. Click here for full list.
  3. Scan these graphics using the “Find The Force” feature to reveal AR character experiences.
  4. A data chip will be unlocked each time a new AR character experience is revealed. Unlock digital rewards as you collect more data chips!
  5. Each graphic reveals a different AR character experience every day from September 1-3.
  6. Try it now! Download the Star Wars app, launch “Find The Force” and scan the image below to unlock an AR character early”:

TLJ Vehicles revealed

Source: StarWarsShow The Star Wars Show revealed some new and amazing TLJ vehicles. There’s a new type of AT-AT called the AT-M6 and the new First Order Star Destroyer, the Dreadnought. This thing is like yuge! Click to enlarge.