Obi 2 calling Obi Wan

Source: BBCMediaCenter On July 10th, BBC1 will air a documentary on 100 years of RAF. BBC will air more “100 Years of…” documentaries this year: 100 years of women voting, WWI armistice etc

Ewan McGregor and his brother Colin, former RAF pilot, will “take to the skies in some of the world’s most iconic planes”. Something to look forward to I’d say!

Ow, and Colin’s call sign is Obi 2…


SOLO Books & Comics

Source: OfficialStarWarsWebsite “Entertainment Weekly took us inside Solo: A Star Wars Story, and now they’re blowing the blast doors on the books and comics related to the film. The lineup looks scoundrel-riffic (which should totally be a word): a Han and Lando novel, a new Lando miniseries from Marvel, and tons more. Punch it, and check out covers and descriptions below.” Click to enlarge.

The LEGO “Kessel Run Falcon”

Source: SlashgearWebsite “Today a key LEGO set was revealed from the film SOLO: A Star Wars Story. In this set is confirmation of what the most hardcore of nitpicking Star Wars fans might have already known: This falcon’s different! This version of the Millennium Falcon is far lighter than its predecessors – in our universe, that is. This Millennium Falcon is lighter and brighter because it exists earlier in the Star Wars timeline than any we’ve seen before – it’s clean!” Click to enlarge.